Earlier known as CMDtec based out of Italy, the company moved its operations from Italy to Switzerland and restarted its operations under the brand name of Flashtec as we know it today. It is noteworthy to mention that the developer originated from Dimsport. Flashtec was the first company to come up with a stable OBD flash solution in the tuning industry that came with Infineon MPC555 processor like Bosch EDC16 for the ECUs.


One of the first choices of professionals, Flashtec today is a leading manufacturer of tuning tools in the tuning industry. If you’re thinking using Flashtec tuning tools to set up your benefits, here’s why they lead this market:

  • Leaders in Research & Development.
  • Continuous and Ongoing Approach when it comes to improving their tools
  • One of the most stable tuning tools in the industry.
  • If you’re a professional tuner, working on tuning an Audi or BMW, you have to have a Flashtec tuning tool!


TThe CMDFlash is a tuning tool developed by Flashtec that combines both the modules a bootmode tool and an OBD tuning tool. While both the versions master and slave are available for CMDFlash, if you’re a professional tuner, a slave version is all you need!
The slave version is connected to a master tool that allows a tuner to write/modify tuning files provided by the tuning file supplier. The slave is way cheaper that the master version and comes with pre-installed plugins enabled by the master. The plugins include:

  • MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO 5,6,7,8,9 (through OBD)
  • SCANIA EMS S6 ( through OBD and in bootmode )
  • IVECO DAILY EDC16 ( through OBD and in bootmode )
  • MERCURY MARINE ( in bootmode )
  • EDC7C1/2/3 IVECO ( through OBD and in bootmode )
  • EDC7C1/2/3 MAN ( through OBD and in bootmode )
  • EDC7C1/2/3 DAF ( in bootmode )
  • EDC7C1/2/3 Mc CORMIK ( through OBD and in bootmode )
  • Perkins LANDINI ( in bootmode )
  • Perkins CAT ( in bootmode )
  • Bosch EDC7+UC31 IVECO Euro 5 ( through OBD and in bootmode )
  • Bosch EDC7+UC31 SISU ( in bootmode )
  • Bosch EDC7+UC31 CASE ( in bootmode )
  • Bosch EDC7+C32 MAN ( through OBD and in bootmode )
  • Bosch MS6.x ( through OBD)
  • Bosch MS 6.1 MAN ( through OBD )
  • Bosch MS 6.2 DAF ( through OBD )
  • Bosch MS 6.2 DAF (through OBD)
  • Bosch MS 6.2 IVECO (through OBD)
  • Bosch MS 6.2 RENAULT (through OBD)
  • Bosch MS 6.2 SCANIA (through OBD)
  • Bosch MS 6.3 IVECO (through OBD)
  • Bosch MS 6.3 RENAULT (through OBD)
  • CASE NewHolland EDC16+C39 (in bootmode)
  • DELPHI DAF XF 105 (in bootmode)
  • John Deere x30 TIR3 (in bootmode)
  • TRW EMS2 Volvo Renault (in bootmode)
  • VAG Counters
  • CUMMINS Industrial (in bootmode)
  • SCANIA EMS S7 (through OBD)
  • BMW BMSK Motorrad (through OBD and in bootmode)

Flashtec charges a yearly subscription for its tuning tools. You can find the prices of various tuning tools offered by Flashtec below:
CMDFlash Slave OBD Flasher (only OBD): € 1,750.00
CMDFlash Slave OBD + BOOT (st10, tricore) (OBD + directly on ECU): € 3,450.00
CMDFlash Slave OBD + BOOT (st10, tricore) + BDM 5xx (OBD + directly on ECU): €4,280.00