Improving the performance of your car is no easy feat. Essentially it’s the perfect combination of time, a thoroughly tested engine and some of the most brilliant minds in the industry working in the background that gives your engine the optimal benefit through every stage. While we offer all the tuning stages for both diesel and petrol engines, take your time to understand what’s best for your ride!

Tuning Stage 1

Stage 1 Tuning File development is for our customers that require only moderate changes in the ECU remap. Our Stage 1 Tuning Files are developed on a vehicle with stock hardware and calibrated on a 4WD dynamometer. Our engineers tailor the torque output based on the transmission type of your car to preserve the safety of OEM parts. Also, most of the limiters and anti-jerk function will be kept at original values for component protection.
Additionally, an optimum boost, ignition and fuel targets enhance the engine performance with stock hardware. For sports models, our Tuning Files are standard calibrated for RON 98, whereas that of petrol engines on RON 95 unless our customers have a different say on the matter.

Tuning Stage 2

A step-up in the tuning stages, the stage 2 tuning files are developed with modifications to the intake and exhaust for engines. Along with major hardware remodeling, certain modifications in the software takes place to take advantage of added hardware and allow better breathing of the engine. The hardware changes include intercooler, sports filter, sport cats, downpipes among others. The stage 2 Tuning Files result in a better sound, extra powerful engine, and improved driving experience.

Tuning Stage 3

If maximum power is what you need, it’s needless to say; Stage 3 Tuning Files is what you need. With all the ECU limitations removed and parts upgraded to handle the increased stress, you get the best engine performance possible from your car.
A complete Stage 3 tuning requires a complete set of data logs. You also ought to have the necessary tools and more importantly knowledge or expert guidance if you’re going to use Stage 3 Tuning. With different aftermarket performance parts, a lot of combinations are possible and if you’re not aware of the requests you’ve made, your engine might be damaged beyond repair. The changes optionally might include a bigger turbo, downpipe, intercooler, fuel pump, race cats, injectors, springs, intake and exhaust valves, race clutch and an even bigger MAF or MAP sensor depending on the type of your engine – Petrol or Diesel.