Tuning Files

When it comes to optimizing the performance of your engine, the ECU is one of the most important elements in the performance tuning process. And for that, upgrading the tuning file to the right data ensures that your engine gives you the maximum possible performance. Essentially, a tuning file is a file that contains important data on how your engine performs and customizing such data to the right values can bring out the best performance from your car engine.


The ECU is the one thing that controls the power and efficiency of your car engine. From maximum horsepower and torque at predefined RPMs to the engine’s fuel-air mixture, the manufacturer programmed ECU is way below the true capabilities of your car engine. But with enough information about the engine mappings and a quick reprogramming, we can unlock the true power of your engine while at times increasing the fuel efficiency.


Mastering the right data is the key to making your cars faster. Our head engineers lead the tuning files development and modification process. We make use of the best-in-class hex-editor WinOLS, the only hex-editor that offers complete flexibility in making adjustments to unlock the power of your engine.

Our tuning files development process involves the use of two dynamometers – two single-roll four-wheel-drive dynos that provides our engineers with the most accurate engine data. These dynamometers allow them to create datalogs and determine the precise measurements of the engine values.

Turbo Petrol Engines

While every experienced tuner in the industry knows how hard it is to calibrate a turbocharged petrol engine, our engineers specialize in calibrating the engine down to the most accurate data. When compared with a turbocharged diesel engine, the technology behind petrol engines is much more sophisticated that requires a precise air-fuel mixture for ignition. Therefore every calibration of a petrol engine requires perfecting the ignition timing, lambda, and additional turbo pressure to increase the engine performance in the best way possible.

Turbo Diesel Engines

When we specialize in fine-tuning a petrol engine, our engineers find diesel engines a no-brainer. Again, this is the exact reason why there is a high availability of tuning files for diesel engines in the industry. But when it comes to mastering the data accurately, we love to break the glass ceilings. Our tuning files for diesel engines not only push the injection duration and raise the torque limiters, but also adjust the entire set of mapping which results in a well-balanced tuning file while easing the pressure on the injectors, the turbo, and the common rail system.

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