When compared with efficiently launching an automatic, launching a car with a manual gearbox requires more skills. In addition to that, you have the inherent issue of the waiting time required for the turbo boost to be built up. If you have an automatic, you must already be blessed with a launch control mode that allows boost buildup even when the car is stationary. However, with a manual gearbox, you’re mostly devoid of such functionalities. But if you’re looking for such benefits in your manual car (that an automatic enjoys), our tuning for developing launch control in a manual gearbox will charge your car with the required turbo boost.
After our launch control tuning, eliminating the turbo lag is simple. Just hit the throttle and clutch at the same time during the start. The revs only rise up to the level we set during the launch control tuning, giving you the desired boost without having to waste time and going too far on excessive wheel spin.
Enjoy lightning-fast acceleration even in your car with a manual gearbox. Just release the clutch and on your ‘GO’ signal, be ready to experience the immediate boost from the buildup along with total control of a predefined RPM limit.