Pop & Bang


Are you someone who loves the adrenaline rush? Do you want some extra heads turning when you drive past the empty roads? Some Pops and Bangs tuning will make your car zoom past roaring in the streets!
Pop & Bang is a feature tuning that produces impressive roaring sounds when you accelerate and with deceleration, the sound slowly disappears. When your foot is off the throttle, your exhaust starts making sounds of popping, gurgling and crackling that adds fun and character to your driving segment of displeasure.
But it’s not all about making noise and turning heads. Having a Pop & Bang tuning file installed removes the drop in sound while shifting gears. Every shift is now accompanied by a loud bang. It also tunes your driving performance up as it nearly removes the turbo lag after deceleration.

How Do We Make Your Car Pop & Bang?

The sound of Pops & Bangs requires injecting some fuel even when you take your foot off the throttle. Secondly, the injection timing is slowed down during deceleration. This change makes the flame to spread later and hence the combustion now takes place right when the exhaust valves are open causing your car to shoot some flames.

Are Pop & Bangs Safe?

Many manufacturers now offer pop and bangs as a stock feature and hence needless to say it’s entirely safe provided it’s done properly and kept under control.
So bring this amazing new feature with an added performance advantage to your car while you enjoy it in a completely controlled environment.