Developed and managed by Flashtec, the CMDFlash is a flash programmer that supports BDM, EOBD CAN-BUS, EOBD K-LINE, and EOBD PWM for all the new generation ECUs. The OBD flasher is a default function available in all tools offered by Flashtec. It remains one of the leading OBD tools available in the market and supports all the latest ECUs including:

  • Bosch EDC15 / EDC16 / EDC17
  • Bosch ME7 / ME9 / MED9 / MED17
  • Numerous others eg. DELPHI , VISTEON, MARELLI, DENSO, SAGEM, TRIONIC, etc.
  • Siemens PPD / Simos 6x Simos 10x / MSS6x / MSVxx / MSD8x etc… including some with TP / Various other Siemens controllers.

BDM Plugin

With BDM, unplug the ECU from the vehicle and using a connector, connect it to the CMD Flash. The ECU connector comes with every EDC16, Siemens, Delphi and Marelli ECU. Once the connection is established, the software allows you access its internal firmware and read/write the Eprom (29bl802 . M58) and also the serial e2prom that contains the car codes. The good news, you need not to worry about the checksums calculations as there’s an inbuilt algorithm that automatically does the process for all the ECU families.
This is a powerful tool that enables you to read all the ECUs eprom, even if there’s a bad file programmed or the system hangs or the write operation has been interrupted. At any point, it is always possible to restart the program and restore the ECU to start the car. A single file is all you need to store all the ECU data along with additional data such as the brand, model, data, chassis number, and note. A search facility is also integrated within the plugin and directly connected to your Microsoft Windows Explorer.

TriCore BOOT Plugin

If you want to tune the XROM and IROM of the new Bosch MED17 and EDC17 ECUs that has a locked Tricore microprocessor, the new CMDFlash extension TriCore Boot is what you need. The product has a new additional interface that connects with your CMD Flash unit while giving the user the same user-friendly BDM operative mode.
Bosch pads that operate on EDC17 ECUs, all you need is to provide the EDC17 positioning frame probe without the requirement of any extra-wiring. However, for certain specific ECUs a soldering job of boot resistors might be required. Once connected, just press ID and give write/read permissions and relax while the CMD flash interface does your job for you all on its own!