Tuning File Development


Our Tuning File Test & Development centers are fully-equipped with state-of-the-art technology and necessary testing equipment for the tuning file development process. Along with the two four-wheel-drive dynamometers, our centers equip universal as well as brand-specific test equipment that consists of but not limited to Vagcom, Star, Odis, Easydiag, Icom, Bavarian, PIWIS, Picoscope, Can Clip, and Innovate Wideband Lambda Logger.
We are one of the few testing centers that have equipped Superflow AWD30 dynamometer to determine the average fuel consumption. In a fully controlled environment, this provides us the testing ability to develop accurate modifications that unlocks engine performance while bettering the mileage for our customers.

For When Quality Matters:

While Tuning file development is not an easy task, (unlike the common practices) simply deleting limiters and adding ounces to the fuel is not the way to our tuners work. Our team of expert engineers meticulously examines the complete architecture, every time there’s a new ECU/software version in the market. From investigating every map to adding all the right factors we deliver the tuning file only after it resembles the OEM quality but with a higher engine output and possibly better fuel efficiency.
The various checks and points in a tuning file development process include but not limited to modifying turbo in the ECU, checking open duration of fuel injector, modifying the fuel injection system, changing the ignition timing, modifying lambda (for both petrol and diesel engines), calibrating to a more linear throttle response, monitoring EGT, and checking DPF filter. This results in a comprehensive ECU and a great way to find potential modifications while finding weak spots in the engine that can be enhanced.